Founding Sponsorship Opportunity

Be first to the scene for the launch of Women in Emergency Services! Your company's partnership plays a significant role in making the launch of WiES successful as continue to grow the organization and impact our members. We are excited to offer Founding Sponsorship for the inaugural year of the association only. The founding sponsor level is a one-time commitment of $10,000, and you will be recognized for the life of the organization. 

For 2023 -- our founding year -- the Founding Sponsorship will be the only sponsorship available through WiES. 

How your support helps the growth of WiES:

Operational and start-up costs to get WiES “up and running” including

  • Brand development and enhancement
  • Website and WiES Community buildout
  • Software seat licenses and subscriptions
  • Database and marketing-list management
  • Advertising, promotions, and trade show booths
  • Event Registration
  • Operations, staffing, travel 

Supporting the development of WiES’s four pillars including:

  1. Empowerment: We celebrate women in emergency services and create an inclusive environment for women to be their true selves. Women will grow their personal and professional networks through self-empowerment and mutual support.
  2. Networking: By providing unique opportunities for women to connect and learn from others, they will be able to create strong and supportive networks among peers to gain knowledge and advance their careers.
  3. Mentorship: Women will develop relationships to mentor and empower women in the emergency services industry. Women will feel confident to advocate for themselves and achieve excellence in their careers.
  4. Education: Create high-quality learning opportunities for women to build successful careers in the evolving emergency services industry. These educational opportunities will focus on professional development, self-advocacy, and technical expertise.

Founding Sponsor Benefits:

  • Your company logo listed on the WiES website and online community as "Founding Sponsor"
  • Recognition as Founding Sponsor in WiES emails and at WiES-attended events
  • Use of the WiES Founding Sponsor logo to promote your support of women in the industry 
  • Code that allows your employees to join at a 25% discount
  • Opportunity to provide educational content to members via webinar or town-hall sessions 



Founding Sponsors