Promoting and Supporting Women in Emergency Medical Services 

Women in Emergency Services supports and advances women's careers in the emergency medical services industry, from field providers to national leadership, through empowerment, networking, mentorship, and education.

Working together, WiES members are bringing the industry to a new level of excellence by supporting and promoting the contributions of women as an essential component to the future of emergency medical services

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Pillars of WiES

WiES believes through our four pillars Empowerment, Networking, Mentorship, and Education, we will be able to influence and impact the lives of thousands of women working in the emergency medical services industry.


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Mentorship Program - Mentee Applications 

Take your career in EMS to new heights with the WiES Mentorship Program! Join our group mentorship sessions led by top industry experts, where we tackle important topics together and dive deeper in tailored conversations with peers. Benefit from the power of group dynamics, diverse perspectives, and connections with mentors and peers you wouldn't normally have access to. Space is limited, so apply to reserve your spot today and be part of the FIRST-EVER WiES mentorship program! More details on mentors, session topics, and more coming soon. 

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