History of WiES

Welcome to Women in Emergency Services (WiES), a transformative initiative born out of a need identified by industry leaders for a dedicated platform to support and elevate women within our field. Our journey began with a simple conversation and has grown into a burgeoning community committed to mentoring, networking, education, and empowerment. Here’s how it all started and where we’re headed.

The Founding Insight

It all started with a dinner conversation between Ashley Montoya and Amy Gnojek, two prominent figures in the emergency medical services association realm. The two discussed a noticeable gap within the industry: a lack of a group in the EMS industry specifically created for women. Over dinner, Ashley proposed the idea of creating such a group to Amy, who immediately recognized the potential impact of such an initiative and expressed her eagerness to support it.

Validating the Need

To ensure the community's needs would steer the organization, we launched a survey targeting women in the industry. The feedback was clear and compelling. There was a strong desire for a community that supported professional growth and personal connection among women in EMS. This feedback became the cornerstone of WiES, allowing us to receive funds from the National Trust for Non-Profits (NTN) to launch the project. 

Forming Foundational Pillars

From the insights gathered, we developed our foundation on four pillars:

  1. Mentoring: To facilitate personal and professional development through guidance from seasoned professionals.
  2. Networking: To build a robust network that empowers women across the industry to connect, share, and grow.
  3. Education: To provide educational resources and opportunities that enhance skills and knowledge.
  4. Empowerment: To celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in the industry, inspiring further innovation and leadership.

Inspired by Success

Our model is inspired by the remarkable success of the National Women in Roofing (NWiR), an organization that witnessed phenomenal growth, reaching over 2,500 members across all 50 states within a year of its inception. Established in 2017, NWiR has created a thriving community and culture of empowerment, which we aim to replicate and tailor to the specific needs of women in emergency medical services.

Our Progress and Vision

Managed by Civica Management, the same team behind the Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado, WiES is poised for significant impact. We are driven by the success stories of organizations like NWiR and guided by leaders who continue to champion the cause of women in our industry.

Where We Are Now

Today, WiES is more than just an idea—it is a vibrant community that spans across the states, with events and initiatives designed to empower, educate, and elevate the women who make the EMS industry so vital. Our journey has just begun, and we are committed to building an inclusive and supportive environment that acknowledges and amplifies the role of women in our field.

Join us as we continue to grow and shape the future of EMS, ensuring every woman in our industry has the support and resources to thrive. Together, we are not just breaking barriers; we are building pathways to success.


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