Mentor Information & Application

Program Structure 
  • Quarterly 2-hour sessions (virtual)
    • Mentor Introductions (10 minutes)
    • Introduction to session topic (10 minutes)
    • Mentor-sharing session (30 minutes)
    • Smaller group discussions (40 minutes) - breakouts
    • Closing takeaways (30 minutes
  • 1:3 mentor/mentee ratio (50 people maximum)
    • Mentees will be assigned to their mentor and cohort prior to the session start
    • Mentees can request to move to another cohort to work with a different mentor 
  • Mentors should continue these conversations and offer support to mentees one-on-one outside of group sessions
    • This will ensure that mentees are able to have a safe and confidential space to request tailored advice and discuss sensitive subjects

Potential Session Topics:

  • Work/Life Balance 
  • Career Progression
  • Identifying Allies & Advocates 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Networking 
  • Personal Development

Qualities of a good mentor:

  • Has achieved success in the industry
  • Has relevant expertise or knowledge
  • Is willing to share personal experiences
  • Is invested in mentees' growth and development
  • Is able to ask powerful questions and give honest feedback
  • Is empathetic, encouraging, respectful, and supportive
  • Demonstrates integrity and reliability


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